Greenskies Solar Lito Greenskies Solar Lito Greenskies Solar Lito
Greenskies Solar Lito Greenskies Solar Lito Greenskies Solar Lito

Greenskies Solar Lito overview

Our Greenskies Solar Lito flat plate panels provide simple and affordable solar hot water comfort, with a typical well-sized system being able to provide 50-70% of your homes hot water requirement and they are ideal if you are looking to cut back on there fossil fuel usage.

Features & Benefits

A competitive cost effective choice
Specifically designed to complement existing home heating systems
A typical well-sized solar hot water system will provide 50-70% of a home hot water requirement
Can be installed as a first and second fix enabling a specialist roofer to fit the roof mounting kit prior you connecting the system
Low a1 heat loss for a flat panel design
Easy to use controller
10 year guarantee
Compatible with slate, standard pantile and corrugated metal roof types
MCS Solar Keymark certified

Technical Details

Part number 8 718 532 279
Controls options N/A
Dimensions (mm) height x width x depth 2026 X 1032 X 67
Orientation of panel Portrait
Installation options: On roof
Installation options: In roof
Installation options: Flat roof
Installation options: Facade
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Manuals & Brochures

Product Literature
Renewables Consumer Brochure

Related Accessories

Solar Accessories Part number
Roof connection FKA3 for tile/plain tile
Solar-Lito rail 1st panel
Solar-Lito connection set on-roof
Solar-Lito rail additional panel

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