How Greenskies solar water heating works

Roger Bisby demonstrates how Worcester's Greenskies Solar water heating works. The system comprises solar panels, a hot water cylinder and a high efficiency condensing boiler.

A Greenskies solar water heating installation

See what an installation of our Greenskies solar panels looks like.

Boiler and solar panel testimonial

Hear from the 'T Family' about the Worcester products they had fitted and how they've made a difference to their home energy usage.

Solar water heating customer testimonial from the 'T Family'

This family installed Greenskies solar water heating, upgraded their home's insulation and started saving money on fuel bills.

Solar water heating testimonial by the 'S Family'

See how this family of 5 expect to save around 70% on their heating bills having installed Greenskies solar panels.

Ground source heat pump testimonial by the 'W Family'

A Worcester Greenstore ground source heat pump provides all the hot water and heating to this family's home.