Be cost and energy efficient with the new Heatslave II oil combi

Be cost and energy efficient with the new Heatslave II oil combi

Published: 30-09-2013

For the estimated four million homes in the UK currently unable to connect to the national gas grid, the efficient use of oil is important in order to avoid high energy bills and an even higher carbon footprint.

A new range of Greenstar boilers from Worcester, Bosch Group, prove there is still a way to be cost and energy efficient with an oil-fired heating system. For these households, the new combi Heatslave II boiler provides independent home heating without the hassle.

Modern design with efficient technology

The Greenstar Heatslave II combines modern design with up-to-date technology to provide customers with highly efficient heating and hot water heated directly from the mains. The optional outdoor sensor also helps to regulate temperature in relation to the unpredictable British weather, making it one of the most efficient oil-fired boilers on the market.

As the first Worcester, Bosch Group oil-fired boiler with an electronic control system, the Greenstar Heatslave II allows homeowners to keep a close eye on energy consumption throughout the year, returning both environmental and financial benefits.

The simple controls also provide accurate diagnostics for easy maintenance and repair while contained in a pull out drawer to hide from view when not in use.

An external model is also available for homes short on space with enough room to accommodate a boiler in the garden.

Delivering energy savings for customers

Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, Bosch Group, said: "As a leading manufacturer of high efficiency boilers, we have the utmost responsibility to ensure we provide the best possible energy savings for every customer, regardless of where they live.

"Our new boilers offer the most effective solution for those without mains gas who want to save on their monthly energy bills, while also helping the country to meet challenging energy targets. What's more, oil-fired boilers work particularly well when partnered with alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, by reducing dependency on fossil fuel.

The new Greenstar boilers are our most technologically advanced to date, very user friendly and easier to install, maintain and repair, so we are sure they will be well received by homeowners and installers alike."

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