If you think you have a broken boiler, our step by step guide can guide you through initial checks. Or use our Find an Installer tool, to find a local installer and book a repair.

Is your Boiler Broken?

If your boiler stops working, it can lead to a lot of disruption to your daily life and it is important that you get it fixed quickly. Before you call out an engineer, there are some basic checks you can carry out yourself, or you can try our troubleshooting tool. 

Troubleshooting tool

Signs your Boiler might be Broken

  • Sounds – If you hear unusual sounds coming from your boiler, such as clanging, this might signal an issue
  • Pilot Light – If your boiler has a pilot light, this should be lit and be a blue colour. If its orange, or not lit then check how to restart or reset your boiler in the boiler manual
  • Pressure – If your boiler keeps losing its pressure, or the pressure is high, this could be a sign your boiler is broken

What to check before calling an Engineer

Is your boiler safe?

You should never try and fix a broken boiler yourself, as this could invalidate your guarantee and also be very dangerous. All work should be performed by a gas safe registered engineer.

If you suspect that there is a gas leak then contact the Gas Emergency Services

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Find an Installer

Still not working?

If you have completed all the vital checks and your boiler still isn’t working then your next step would be to call out an engineer to have a look at your boiler.

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