Introducing our new Greenstar System Filter

Introducing our new Greenstar System Filter

Published: 15-12-2015

  • Replaces Worcester’s current system filter
  • Bi-directional flow system for easy installation
  • Extra wide top opening and O-ring protection
  • Simple to use isolation valves
  • Could save up to six per cent on household heating bills
  • Available in both 22 and 28mm versions

We are delighted to announce the launch of our all new Greenstar System Filter, which has been designed to make installation and servicing simpler than ever before.

What’s new?

With over 200 of you providing your help and feedback, our new accessory has been engineered to allow a bi-directional flow, enabling it to be installed anywhere along the return circulation pipework between the last radiator and the boiler. This flexibility and the accessory’s sleek appearance, allows for a neater finish within the home.

For further ease of installation, our Greenstar System Filter’s isolation valves can be activated using a single 90° turn, with red and green indicators showing when the filter is in operation.

The design of our new accessory has been optimised with the inclusion of a wide top opening, which allows over 500ml of inhibitor fluid to be added without the need for injection. The removable lid has been designed to prevent over-tightening and damage to the O-ring seal, while a bottom drain valve and detachable body means the filter can be cleaned thoroughly during a service.

How does it protect the heating system?

A larger powerful internal magnet safeguards the boiler and wider system components by capturing the contaminants often found within dirty system water such as iron oxide and magnetite. Meanwhile, a separate internal mechanism harnesses non-magnetic contaminants such as flux and solder.

With research having proven that a clean and well-protected heating system can help support reduced gas consumption; helping home owners reduce their heating energy costs*; our new filter is a must for reduced bills, increased comfort, and a longer boiler lifespan.

Our Greenstar System Filter is available in either a 22mm or 28mm variant and comes supplied with a pipe-cutting template to assist with retrospective installations.

For more information on Worcester’s all-new Greenstar System Filter, click here.

*Independent research carried out by GASTEC at CRE 

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