RC35 Digital Boiler Control/Programmer
RC35 Digital Boiler Control/Programmer

RC35 Digital Boiler Control/Programmer overview

Our RC35 is the latest generation of digital controls for our GB162 boiler and offers complete control for single boiler systems.

Features & Benefits

Can be integrated into the boiler next to the BC10
Compatible with RC25 room controllers (contact commercial technical support for more details)
Enables separate heating circuits to be fine tuned to ensure optimum fuel efficiency
Straightforward servicing and rapid boiler diagnostic reports
Can be the perfect alternative to a Building Management System
Features weather compensation which alters the boilers settings to compensate for the outside temperature ensuring comfort is maintained as the outside temperature fluctuates.

Technical Details

Part Number 7 747 312 318
Efficiency uplift
Internet Connected
Room Thermostat
Wall Mounted
Boiler Mounted
Weather Compensation
Load Compensation

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