Can’t get to one of our Training Academies or colleges? We have nine mobile trainers located around the UK who drive more than 100,000 miles and run approximately 1,000 courses per year.

Have a particular training requirement? We can offer bespoke training sessions tailored to your exact requirements. 

So be it local merchants, local authority and even your very own business premises, from the very north of Scotland to the southern tip of Cornwall, and even the Isle of Man, there is no reason why you cannot receive our complete training experience.

Many thanks for the mobile training day. The trainer (Kevin Daly, South East Mobile Trainer) was excellent and his knowledge and expertise were appreciated by all who attended.

Derek Finan, Gas & Quality Manager, Sun Realm Heating Co Ltd.
Photo of mobile training in action. Photo of the inside of a mobile training van. Photo of a mobile training van from the outside.

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